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Ai 120 Module

Ai 120 Module


The AI120 is a single liquid auto-rate pump and control module. It offers identical functionality to the AI70 but with a more powerful 126 L/min (33 Ga/min) LQS Enhanced piston diaphragm pump. This provides capacity for applying liquids at higher rates or with increased tank agitation.

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Function: High Volume Single liquid rate control
Max. Output: 126 L/min 33 Ga/min (US) 27.7 Ga/min (Imperial)
Dimensions: W 900mm x D 890mm x H 760mm
Weight: 108kg (module only)
Pump: Hydraulically driven 126 L/min (33 US Ga/min) LQS Enhanced piston diaphragm pump
Hydraulics: 27.5 L/min 7.3 Ga/min (US) 6.0 Ga/min (Imperial)
Electrical: 12V 1.3A
  • factory wet tested
  • precision valve set incorporating TeeJet ball valves and flow meter
  • digital pump speed readout
  • pressure transducer and module mounted pressure gauge
  • suction filter
  • fertiliser/ clean water source selection
  • purge function
  • all tank plumbing included and umbilical line to connect to Stacker Distribution Kit
  • mapping based variable rate control when integrated with leading precision ag displays
  • 180 PUMP UPGRADE option available. (180 L/min (47.5 US Ga/min)*****