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Horwood Bagshaw

Horwood Bagshaw


The G22 is Liquid Systems state of the art dual liquid auto-rate system. However, Horwood Bagshaw offers this as a single pump with the option to upgrade to two pumps at a later date, giving the farmer further ability to apply two separate liquids with full independent rate control. Its higher capacity pump provide the means to deliver higher application rates or provide additional tank agitation.

Horwood Bagshaw Australian designed and built Liquid Air Seeders:

  • Improve plant nutrition availability, reducing costs and increasing yields
  • Ease of liquid handling and storage
  • Less down time- liquids don’t need to be refilled as often
  • More accurate placement of fertiliser bands
  • Offer the ability to include trace elements and herbicides

Ask your local dealer or contact Horwood Bagshaw for more information.


Function: High Volume Dual liquid rate control ( independent auto-rate control of two liquids)
Max. Output: 126 L/min 33 Ga/min (US) 27.7 Ga/min (Imperial)
Dimensions: W 1507mm x D 856mm x H 690mm
Weight: 178kg (module only)
Pumps: Hydraulically driven 126 L/min (33 US Ga/min) LQS Enhanced piston diaphragm pumps
Hydraulics: 27.5 L/min 7.3 Ga/min (US) 6.0 Ga/min (Imperial)
Electrical: 12V 2.6A
  • factory wet tested
  • precision valve set incorporating TeeJet ball valves and flow meters
  • digital pump speed readout
  • pressure transducers and module mounted pressure gauges
  • suction filters
  • fertiliser/ clean water source selection
  • purge function
  • can run in single liquid mode when required
  • all tank plumbing included and umbilical line to connect to Stacker Distribution Kit
  • mapping based variable rate control when integrated with leading precision ag displays
  • upgrade to dual liquids at a later date