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The Spiker Injection system has been designed for incorporating high viscosity fluids, such as trace elements, fungicides or soil wetters at very low rates into the main liquid delivery line.

Farmers can avoid costly spraying regimes by delivering these products into the furrow when planting. Spiker removes the need for pre mixing of chemicals in the product tank which can be both wasteful and inflexible and can create issues due to chemical incompatibilities.

Compared to mechanical proportional dosing devices, Spiker allows for the application rate of the dosing chemical to be completely independent of the rate of the main carrier liquid. This provides the farmer with far greater flexibility and control.

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Function: Low Volume single liquid dosing. Inject at low rates into output line of AI70, AI120 or G22.  Ideal for micronutrients, fungicides, inoculants, soil wetters etc…
Max. Output: 20 L/min 5.3 Ga/min (US) 4.4 Ga/min (Imperial)
Dimensions: W 575mm x D 620mm x H 580mm
Weight: 50kg (module only)
Pump: Hydraulically driven 24 L/min ( US Ga/min) LQS Enhanced piston diaphragm pump
Hydraulics: 21 L/min 5.5 Ga/min (US) 4.6 Ga/min (Imperial)
Electrical: 12V 1.3A
  • factory wet tested
  • digital pump speed readout
  • suction filter
  • fertiliser/ clean water source selection
  • purge function
  • output line with venturi connection to main carrier liquid line
  • independent rate control of dosing liquid into carrier liquid for trace elements, fungicides, etc…
  • maintain control at very low rates with flow meter accuracy down to 0.5L/min (17oz/min)
  • can be hydraulically driven in series with other Liquid Systems pump & control modules
  • built from chemical resistant materials and components
  • stainless steel cabinet, mountings and fasteners
  • full tank plumbing kit included
  • mapping based variable rate control when integrated with leading precision ag displays
  • Option: Spiker Banding Buddy can be used as a primary rate control module for low rates on small implements.****