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See how to install Disc Liquid Adaptors- designed for the John Deere 90 Series Disc Opener. Designed and sold exclusively by Liquid Systems (SA).

It’s a 1 min video demonstrating how to install the Check Valve “Boot” protector.  Designed and sold exclusively by Liquid Systems (SA).


Liquid Systems (SA) customer: Friemel Family Farms, Groom, Texas, USA. Footage of 3 x John Deere ExactEmerge 24R20, 1795, tow behind liquid caddys, cotton/corn plating powering along. All mounted with our PR-1 Modules and each plumbed with Section Control Stacker Distribution Liquid Injection KIts. Liquid In-furrow application in action before the spring rains hit. See other photos of Friemels set up.

Awesome installation by Emmetts Horsham. Using our Liquid Injection modules- PR-1 and a 176 JD 1910 combined with Dual x 16 Section Control Stacker Distribution. Dual Liquid In- furrow application at its finest.

Ross Fisicaro’s has shared footage of his clever retrofit of his Liquid System rig in action. It’s a very neat set up with two 2500 Lt Tanks side by side to maximize input application while seeding with the G22 Dual Liquid Injection System. “The system was beautifully presented, very easy to install & worked brilliantly”- Ross Fisicaro

Systems are flying out the door! Early Ordering Program is now on. See what goes into a box. Everything you need for a complete liquid system. Including all Module & Stacker Distribution plumbing, mounting brackets, manuals, terminal assemblies and tools to help mount your kit professionally. These 2 complete units are off to the Mallee, Australia.

CAN A GROUND DRIVE DO THIS? Check out our 1 minute video showing how hard it is to block our terminals In-furrow. See our instant Start-Up and Check out our Streams!!!

In this video see why Liquid Systems equipment is so accurate and reliable. Hear from their customers and Industry experts.

The company’s systems are used for accurate in-furrow injection of liquid fertilisers, fungicides, insecticides, nematicides, micronutrients, inoculants, soil conditioners and soil wetters.

WITH UP TO 60% OF YIELD DEPENDENT ON SOIL FERTILITY YOU WOULD BE MAD NOT TO WATCH THIS CASE STUDY VIDEO. SOIL CONDITIONING In-furrow with precise multiple liquid application equipment combined with professional agronomic advice delivers yield increase! Growers who combine this technology and employ professional services of Soil Scientists and Agronomists to implement Soil Management Strategies – seeding, tillage & depth will reap the results.