How to – TOP TIPS Videos


Scroll down to see full collection of #LQSTOPTIPS. Small quick tips that make the world of difference to the operation.

V How to Install Liquid System’s unique Stacker Distribution Kit. See the 6 Main Steps of what to do. Including some hot tips. Use this video along side with your manual for Installation. 

V In this Video see how to configure and tune Constant Flow Section Valves for your liquid application system, using a Topcon Apollo Controller. Use this video alongside your Section Control manual for Installation. 

TOP TIP: Wrapping Guides give users Friction Tube flexibility! Make it straight or as a helix wrap in tightly held positions at specific areas around seed & dry fertilizer delivery hose. The guides fit our LQS 5.0mm OD friction tube.

V TOP TIP: Rapid loss of pump oil is a sign you need to change the diaphragms. See how to change the pump diaphragms correctly. Takes about 30min. Recommend change every 3 years. #liquidsystems #maintenance #lqstoptip

V TOP TIP: Always use tube cutter supplied to cut straight across delivery & terminal tube. Chamfer 8mm tube with pencil sharpener supplied. Do not use side cutters/knife as this will distort tube & can push o’ring’s out of Check Valve & cause leaking. #readmanual #lqstoptip #videotips

V TOP TIP: See how to change a section motor correctly and quickly. Takes about 10min. #liquidsystems #maintenance #lqstoptip

V TOP TIP: If Check Valve is leaking you may have dislodged the o’ring in check valve. See here how to remove & replace o’rings in Check Valve. #lqstoptip #quickfix 

V TOP TIP: Prime system to remove air-lock. If pressure gauge is jumping back’n’forth & suction hoses are shaking; cause is likely an air-lock. Follow VIDEO tip, then run machine, if still fluctuating, Repeat. Also make sure you have enough product in tank. #lqstoptip #liquidsystems

V TOP TIP: Use our “BOOTS” to keep your Check Valves clean from dust, dirt & mud. Stretch boot over the cap. Pinch it to release air vacuum. #liquidsystems #eliminateblockages #lqstoptip It’s a 1 min video demonstrating how to install the Check Valve “Boot” protector. Designed & sold exclusively by Liquid Systems (SA).

V Below, See how to install Disc Liquid Adaptors- designed for the John Deere 90 Series Disc Opener. Designed and sold exclusively by Liquid Systems (SA).