About US

Liquid Systems (SA) pioneered the development and manufacture of precise liquid delivery systems for planters and seeders. The company’s systems are used around the world for accurate in-furrow application of liquid fertilisers, fungicides, insecticides, nematicides, micronutrients, inoculants, soil conditioners and soil wetters.

Liquid Systems (SA) was established in 2002 by mechanical engineer Peter Burgess after he realised that precise liquid delivery systems could not be built with ‘off-the-shelf’ components. Since then Liquid Systems have been at the forefront of making accurate in-furrow liquid application systems a practical reality for growers around the world.

The design team behind Liquid Systems (SA)’s components and fittings has more than 70 years of experience in agricultural machinery research, development and manufacture. The company’s systems are incredibly accurate, durable and versatile – characteristics that only flow from custom-designed equipment and specialist expertise.

The exceptional quality and practicality of Liquid Systems (SA)’s systems has driven their expansion nationally, with a working agreement in supplying liquid ready kits for factory installation with McIntosh Distribution, WA (Morris Seeding Australia) on Morris Air Carts since 2004. Into overseas markets, including an exclusive supply agreement with John Deere in North America, in 2010 with the first dealer-fit Liquid Ready Kit for the smaller 1910 Commodity Cart.  With the success of this partnership, the agreement expanded to include dealer retrofit systems for the John Deere Planter range and the development of the Alliance Series of liquid delivery pump and control models designed specifically for John Deere implements as well as North American farming practices. In June 2020 the supply of a second dealer-fit Liquid Ready Kit was for the larger John Deere C650 Air Carts.

Research and development remains a key focus for Liquid Systems (SA) who work closely with national and international farmers and government research institutions, running trials and staying up-to-date with the latest developments in research and agronomy. Liquid Systems (SA) aims to continually innovate and make sure that their product range evolves to support new farming techniques and liquid products.

Liquid Systems (SA) prides itself on providing their customers with the most advanced precision liquid application systems in the world.


  • Peter and Sandy Burgess with the Liquid Systems Team
  • Morris Air Cart with the GEN5 Liquid Fert Kit
  • John Deere 1910 Air Cart with the 176 JD 1910 & Spiker Liquid Fert Kit
  • John Deere C650 TBT Air Cart with the LQS120-C650 Liquid Fert Kit
  • John Deere C650 TBT Air Cart with the LQS120-C650 Liquid Fert Kit
  • LQS enhanced pump assembly
  • Every module is fully wet tested before it leaves the factory
  • Every module is thoroughly put to the test with different rates, pressures and leaks to make sure everything is working smoothly and at peak performance.
  • Terminal assemblies of our testing facility
  • LQS120 single liquid module kit with section control Stacker Distribution Kit
  • Two LQS120 single liquid module kit, running in series with dual section control Stacker Distribution Kit