Pump Comparisons

important features explained below

Static Testing

The ability to test a liquid application system while stationary is essential allowing system calibration and to check for blockages. Ground drive systems are incapable of this.

Static System Purging

Many of the liquid products or liquid product combinations that are being used today start to fall out or crystalize in lines when application is temporarily stopped. This has the potential to create blockages. Systems should always have a clean water purging function that can be run statically whenever planting operation is halted to avoid these issues.
All systems from Liquid Systems (SA) include plumbing and valves for selecting clean water tank and purging functions.

Safe to Run Pump Dry

While they always try to avoid it, machinery operators can make simple mistakes that result in emptying their tank and running a pump dry.
Nearly all pumps except piston diaphragm pumps (used by Liquid Systems SA) are prone to damage if they are allowed to run dry for even brief periods of time.

Flowmeter Rate Control / Data Recording

For a system to be able to provide accuracy of delivery and to be able to provide valuable field data and be able to handle section control, mapping / VRT it must incorporate a flow meter. Liquid Systems (SA) always incorporates flow meters into rate control modules to enable these functions.

Tank Agitation from Same Pump

Tank agitation should be a primary consideration when selecting a system. Although clear liquids such as UAN and some “starters” do not require agitation, farmers are now introducing extra micro nutrients, fungicides, inoculants etc. into the “mix” requiring tank agitation to prevent precipitation and settling out of liquid products.
Liquid systems (SA) rate control modules provide by-pass to the tank that enables this function to be carried out effectively even when application is halted.
Many other pump configurations are not suited to delivering agitation as well as a rate-controlled output.

Minimal System Pulsing

The piston diaphragm pumps (with air accumulators as required) used by Liquid Systems (SA) provide linear pulse free liquid delivery. Pulse free flow is essential for maintaining accurate rate control on a second by second basis.
Pulse free flow is not achievable on some systems that vary the speed of the pump to control output rate.

GPS/Map Based Variable Rate Control

Liquid Systems (SA) pump and control configurations are ideally suited to variable rate application.
We have a range of adaptor harnesses for easy & instant integration with all the leading brands of Precision Ag displays.

Auto Section Control Compatibility

From day one Liquid Systems (SA) has built systems compatible with section control. Not all pump configurations are section control compatible or allow it to be done well.

Not Harmful to Liquid Products

Liquid Systems (SA) uses piston diaphragm pumps which are not prone to cavitation!
Cavitation is a phenomenon that can occur in centrifugal pumps. It is to be avoided at all costs as it can destroy chemical and physical properties of a liquid. If the liquid contains live inoculum they will die, either by pressure or heat!

Responsive Control (Minimal Hysteresis)

In combination with our STACKER Distribution systems, Liquid Systems (SA) rate control modules provide the most responsive and controllable liquid application system in the industry.
The systems create a fluid link (like a hydraulic brake line) with near instant response from the pump to the inline check valves (located as close as possible to the terminal outlet) – almost to ground level.
Start-up and shut-off with this configuration is almost instantaneous as the delivery lines to the openers are always fully charged with product – providing immediate response to changes in speed or prescribed rate with minimal system hysteresis.

Electrical Current Draw OK

Liquid Systems (SA) uses electric ball valves (not solenoids) for regulation, master on/off and section valves that keep current draw to a minimum. Ball valves have negligible current draw when they aren’t moving.
Solenoids and electric pumps require constant current draw that adds to the overall electric load on the tractor.

Understand why Liquid Systems(SA) provides the complete liquid ready solution.

We provide systems with the 3 Key elements of  liquid application:

  1. Precision Ag Integration made easy – custom designed pre-tested looms for out of the box plug & play to connect to leading mapping Displays
  2. True Rate Control – Accurate Rate Control Modules including all plumbing, manuals & support.
  3. Row to Row Accuracy – Stacker Distribution Kit (Manifold & Terminal configurations) –  including all plumbing, universal mounting assemblies, manuals & support.
Additional Liquid Systems(SA) Features:
  • Durability & Reliability -Every Rate Control Module is WET TESTED before it leaves the factory, making sure growers have in field assurance with a reliable durable pump for round the clock seeding.
  • Every part of our equipment from the Rate Control Modules right down to our Stacker terminals at the opener has been purpose built for liquid injection & must withstand a vast range of chemicals—some of which are highly corrosive.
  • All poly and stainless steel wetted components
  • UV resistant hose and tubing.