Row to Row Accuracy

Liquid Systems’ engineered “STACKER” Kit delivers a multitude of liquid inputs with “Row to Row, Second by Second Accuracy” by means of positive controlled pressure all the way to the openers.  This accuracy and even distribution is critical for crop protection success.

GRAPHS BELOW – SEE THE GREEN LINE: Show that customers can be confident that every row of their crop will receive the target liquid application rate evenly distributed in the furrow.

Coefficient of variation (COV) Graphs

Independently conducted testing by a US customer has demonstrated that Liquid Systems (SA) “STACKER” Kit has superior performance against a commonly used variable flow system. The graphs compare the Coefficient of Variation (COV) of the two systems:

  • The first chart is at 12” spacings. The second chart is at 30” spacings.
  • COV is a measure of how evenly liquid is applied across the bar. The lower the COV the more even the distribution.
  • The results demonstrate an extreme contrast in accuracy between the two, especially at lower rates. The “STACKER” Kit provides a far superior performance with a verified average COV of 4.1% over an operating pressure range of 0.3bar – 7.0bar (4.5psi – 100psi) across a wide range of application rates.


Accurate in-furrow delivery is essential to reduce input costs to the farmer while maximising the benefits of their inputs.