1770 NT Planters – Groom, Texas

Liquid Setup

Friemel Family Farms, Groom, Texas currently run 5X LQS systems. They have 3X PR-1 units on 1770NT 24R30 planters applying starter fertilizer in furrow for corn, cotton & grain sorghum.  They also have an Alliance 176 on a 1910 air cart with an 1835 tool to apply starter &/or nitrogen for wheat planting.  The latest addition is a high speed coulter applicator from Orthman. This unit will be utilized for pre & post planting banding of fertilizer. This unit has an Alliance 2126 unit with the optional 4X piston 180 Upgrade pump coupled to a dual tank all steer cart.

Direct dealer contact:
Western Equipment
Evan Cook Integrated Solutions Consultant
Cell: 806-336-9177

16 JD 1910 with Flush Tank mounted on to the John Deere Commodity Air Cart

Alliance 2126 Dual Rate Control Module with 2 x 3M Dual Stacker Section Control. All mounted onto an Orthman Strip Tilll Machine

PR-1 mounted on to a 1770 NT