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Rate Control Modules

Rate Control Modules

Rate Control Modules by Liquid Systems are engineered to deliver liquid in-furrow. Since 2002 Liquid Systems (SA) has been manufacturing reliable and precise liquid delivery systems for planters and seeders. The company’s systems are used around the world for accurate in-furrow injection of liquid fertilisers, fungicides, insecticides, nematicides, micronutrients, inoculants, soil conditioners and soil wetters. Liquid Systems in-furrow application equipment has been helping farmers increase soil productivity, boost yields and save on inputs with the intelligence they need to maximise profitability. Liquid Systems versatile product range easily retrofits onto any colour & size implement.

FIXED MODULE DESIGN – Portable & better technical support PURPOSE BUILT – Filtration, tank agitation, purge functions to keep lines clean & prevent blockages BUILT TO LAST – Chemical resistant components, enhanced pump, stainless steel cabinets ACCURACY – Calibrated rate control, verified even application RELIABLE & EVEN APPLICATION – Positive pressure in-furrow NUTRIENT EFFICIENCY – “STACKER” Kit & Section Control Integration VARIABLE RATE CONTROL – Precision Ag integration & change rates on the go SYSTEMS FAIL SAFES – Built-in to protect equipment & operators SAFE PRODUCT APPLICATION – No damage to liquid products – keep microbial products alive FLEXIBILITY – Multiple, independently controlled liquids. Add modules in series. Upgrade at later date GUARANTEE – Each unit is factory Wet-Tested to ensure customers are up and running from day one OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY – Ease of liquid handling & storage SAVE FUEL & TIME – Multiple liquids – one pass application TARGET INPUTS – Measured & controlled placement in soil INCREASE YIELD – In-Furrow boost germination, protect crops, improve soil