Line Meters

Line Meters

Our line meters are all LQS designed components. The line meter is a restrictive device designed to provide system back-pressure, essential to maintain accurate and even product distribution across the air tool or planter. The system operates best at pressures from 0.5 to 6 bar (7 to 87psi).

These are apart of the various TERMINAL CONFIGURATIONS
Follow the LIne Meter Selection Tool below.


Line Meter Bore Size

Red:0.55 / Green:0.70 / Blue:0.85 / Purple:1.0 / Orange: 1.1 / Yellow:1.2 / White:1.3 / Pink:1.5 / Black:1.7 / Grey:2.5

Line Meters Selection

To select the most suitable line meter for your application requirements use one of the following formulas to calculate the per outlet flow range.

Use lowest rate/lowest ground speed and highest rate/highest ground speed combinations to calculate minimum and maximum per outlet flow required.

Use the flow rate lookup tables to find a line meter size that delivers the range required. Data provided for water and UAN 32:0:0 at room temperature . Higher viscosity liquids (e.g. 10:34:0) will normally require larger size line meters than water or UAN. Temperature may also influence the line meter size required.


600 x N

W is width of bar in metres
R is rate in litres per hectare
S is operating ground speed in km/h
N is number of outlets

Download Litres Per Minute Flow Rates


495 x N

W is implement width in feet
R is rate in US Gal/Acre
S is operating ground speed in MPH
N is number of openers

Download Gallons Per Minute flow rates