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Strip Till

Strip Till

Strip-till Converged Stream Terminal Configuration
Designed for dual liquid high and low rate application at high operating speeds. Streams converge and are injected through a CNC machined nozzle. Ultra high rate channel is checked on the low rate channel to neutralise possible back-pressure issues associated with high volume convergence. All fittings are push-in. Oversize bulkhead push-in adaptor facilitates adaptation to coulter apparatus.

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Strip Till


  • 8mm Tees to split flow from manifold
  • 8mm delivery line
  • 2 inline check valves
  • non return valve
  • line meters (choose 5 sizes included)
  • 10-8mm stem reducer
  • two way equal joiner
  • strip till terminal jet
  • V3 rubber union
  • 10mm OD terminal tube
  • CNC machined nozzle

For application rates from 2 to 50 GPA