Disc Liquid Adaptors

Disc Liquid Adaptors

LL08083 – LH Single Adaptor
LL08084 – RH Single Adaptor
LL08081 – LH  Dual Adaptor
LL08033 – RH Dual Adaptor

Specifically designed for the John Deere 90 Series Disc Opener. See Installation VIDEO HERE

Manufactured in stainless steel, these new liquid adaptors from Liquid Systems (SA) provide precision stream control and precise product placement within the seed furrow for one or two liquids.

Assemblies can be easily & quickly mounted to the wheel arm and require no location holes or extra machining for attachment. The stainless steel delivery tubes are independently adjustable for both length and orientation to target liquid placement. This new location alleviates trash issues and enables both in-furrow and surface application of liquids.

Assemblies are available in Left (LH) and Right (RH) configurations for single or dual liquid application.