LQS120 Module

LQS120 Module


The new compact LQS120 is a single liquid auto-rate pump and control module. It provides capacity for applying liquids at higher rates with good tank agitation for up to 5000L tank capacity.

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Built Tough and engineered to deliver target rates efficiently in-furrow day in day out. To complete the Liquid Kit we offer our ‘STACKER DISTRIBUTION KIT’ mount to any size tillage bar or planter with seamless integration for absolute positive liquid delivery in-furrow.

Upgrade module easily to a Dual System or add Section Control at any time.


✔ Fast shut-off
✔ Accurate rates
✔ Reliable pump protection & speed set functions
✔ More versatility for multi modules & Liquid Section Control
✔ Simple Plug’n’Play integration
Function High Volume Single liquid rate control
Max. Output: 126LPM  33GPM(US)  27.7GPM(Imperial)
Dimensions W 800mm x D 860mm x H 633mm
Weight 109kg (Module only)
Pump Hydraulically driven piston diaphragm pumps
Hydraulics 27.5LPM  7.3GPM (US)  6.0GPM(Imperial)
Electrical 12 DC Single Swath | 2A    Section Control (8 sections) | 6A
  • Precision rate control valve set incorporating fast shutoff regulating valve and flowmeter
  • Module mounted pressure gauge
  • Pressure transducer & pump speed sensor for on-screen monitoring
  • Suction filter
  • Front panel controls for fertiliser/clean water tank selection & function selection (operate, purge, dump)
  • Prescription map variable rate control when integrated with many Precision Ag control systems
  • Section control compatible
  • Robust, chemical resistant components
  • Tank plumbing kit included
  • Compact module design
  • Input use efficiency with section control, variable rate application and improved rate control responsiveness
  • Target inputs in-furrow with measured and controlled placement in the soil
  • Ease of installation – Compact module design, all-in-one complete kit
  • Easy upgrade to section control, multiple liquids or chemical injection
  • Input synergies with multiple independently controlled liquids
  • Improved range – to accurately control flow rate to cater for variable rate application, variations in operating speed and shutting off sections automatically
  • Reliable operation & equipment longevity
  • Safe product application – no damage to liquid products – keep microbial products alive
  • Ease of liquid handling & storage over granular or anhydrous – operational efficiency & safety
  • Accurate “as applied” input data collection