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Liquid Systems News

Liquid delivery advice to keep in mind


More operators are becoming increasingly adventurous in relation to the liquid products, mixes and concentrations being applied in-furrow.

Quite often these resultant brews can be far more viscous than products used previously. Also noted more clients are now applying APP and increasing rates. This is not a problem, provided the operator realises that the use of more viscous products will result in a higher system operating pressure range. We recommend the optimal working range of 1-6 Bar (14.5 psi – 87 psi).

To maintain the optimal working pressure you need to make sure you have the correct restrictive device to provide system back-pressure. There are two kinds of devices, Line Meters or Friction Tube.

Friction Tube has advantages when applying low rates or difficult to manage products, however it’s performance is directly related to the length of the friction tube and the viscosity of the material/s being applied. Length may have to be reduced or products diluted to achieve the optimal working pressure.

If you are changing to a different liquid product or changing your tillage equipment check out the  APPLICATION & RESISTANCE CHARTS HERE   RESTRICTIVE DEVICES EXPLAINED  

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