John Deere C650 Liquid Ready Fert Kit

John Deere C650 Liquid Ready Fert Kit


The new John Deere TBT & TBH C650 Air Carts have a liquid ready option with a dedicated centre (4581 L) liquid tank for the application of liquid fertilisers and crop care products.

Liquid Systems (SA) will supply the dealer fit Liquid Ready Fert Kit to John Deere dealers to install on C650 Air Carts before delivery to the farmer.

The LQS120 C650 Liquid Ready Fert Kit includes everything required to add liquid functionality to the C650 cart. It comes in two different configurations, one for the TBT and one for the TBH, with mounting assembly and hose kits tailored to each cart type.

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Function: High Volume Single liquid rate control
Max. Output: 126 L/min 33 Ga/min (US) 27.7 Ga/min (Imperial)
Dimensions: W 2130mm x D 1000mm x H 1100mm
Weight (dry): 230kg (Module, 300Lt Tank & Base)
Pump: Hydraulically driven positive displacement piston diaphragm pump
Hydraulic Flow: 27.5 L/min 7.3 Ga/min (US) 6.0 Ga/min (Imperial)
Electrical 12V DC: Single Swath – 2A
Section Control (8 Sections) – 6A
  • Precision rate control valve set incorporating fast shutoff regulating valve and flowmeter
  • Module mounted pressure gauge
  • Pressure transducer & pump speed sensor for on-screen monitoring
  • Suction filter
  • Front panel controls for fertiliser/clean water tank selection & function selection (operate, purge, dump)
  • Prescription map variable rate control when integrated with many Precision Ag control systems
  • Section control compatible
  • Robust, chemical resistant components
  • Tank plumbing kit included
  • Compact module design
  • 300L Flush Tank
  • Built-in tank fill station
  • Input use efficiency with section control, variable rate application and improved rate control responsiveness
  • Target inputs in-furrow with measured and controlled placement in the soil
  • Dealer Installed – Compact module design, all-in-one complete kit
  • Easy upgrade to section control, multiple liquids or chemical injection
  • Input synergies with multiple independently controlled liquids
  • Improved range – to accurately control flow rate to cater for variable rate application, variations in operating speed and shutting off sections automatically
  • Reliable operation & equipment longevity
  • Safe product application – no damage to liquid products – keep microbial products alive
  • Ease of liquid handling & storage over granular or anhydrous – operational efficiency & safety
  • Accurate “as applied” input data collection

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